What’s Happening On and To the Earth? Signs from God to REPENT? From Intense Fire, to Blasting Heat, to Mysterious Booms, to Overflowing Floods, to Insect Plagues

“A massive “Atmospheric River” is set to dump nearly 10 feet, 3 metres of snow and nearly 2 months rain in 2 days on California” “, The Big Wobble – 1/16/2019 “Strange Sounds and mysterious booms are increasing again rattling … Continue reading

END TIME SIGNS? Supernormal Events Proceeding

“Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening 10 Times Faster Now”, Yahoo News – 7/9/2014 “Magnitude 6.8 earthquake off Japan coast triggers tsunami”, WJLA – 7/11/2014 “Polar vortex arrives for mid-July”, Local 2 – 7/10/2014 “Yellowstone Volcano in National Park: Road ‘Melts,’ … Continue reading