Rising Death Toll Due to Flu Pestilence in Calif. Flu Virus Serious Now in US

“Flu Outbreak: Medicine Shortages And A Rising Death Toll In California”, SHTFPlan – 1/8/2018 “Flu season soars in the United States, especially in the South”, CNN – 12/7/2017 “Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll … Continue reading

America’s Calamities Continue – Wasteland Produced By Raging Wildfires

“Heart of disaster: California wildfire evacuees return to a wasteland “, The Guardian – Oct 11, 2017 “Massive fires in California destroy hundreds of homes, force mass evacuations”, , The Watchers – Oct 9, 2017 “California wildfires kill at least 11, more … Continue reading

Last Days Signs: Woes in Nature – They Just Keep on Coming

"New Zealand city of Christchurch in path of massive out of control wildfire: Hundreds of residents to evacuate! flames 20 meters high", The Big Wobble – 2/15/2017 "Heavy Rain Headed for SoCal ", Weather Nation – 2/15/2017 "Severe thunderstorms hit … Continue reading