Volcanoes, Fire, Smoke and Destruction: Something is Seriously Wrong in Hawaii

“Hawaii volcano eruption LATEST: Hawaii ROCKED by 12,000 EARTHQUAKES in past 30 days (Pictures)”, Express UK – 6/7/2018 “Another explosion at Kilauea’s summit triggers a 5.4-magnitude quake causing an ash-cloud 10,000ft into the Hawaiian sky”, The Big Wobble – 6/7/2018 … Continue reading

Is Almighty God Trying to Get the World’s Attention Through Calamities in Nature?

“Earth’s Crust In Turmoil”, Prophecy News Watch – 6/5/2018 “Dozens are still missing nearly two million people affected and a whole town is buried now a mag 5.2 quake Guatemala Fuego volcano”, The Big Wobble – 6/5/2018 “Unseasonal heavy rain … Continue reading