America: Food Prices to Skyrocket Due to Widespread and Severe Flooding

Editor’s Note: America and Americans including so-called Christians and I expect the majority of the world’s Christians don’t want to repent. They like their sin and for the most part only give lip-service to the Lord of hosts. We must … Continue reading

AI – Could This Be How the Antichrist System is Implemented?

“Big Tech + Big Brother: Privatized social credit score systems coming to US sooner than we think?”, RT – 3/19/2019 “Social Media, Universal Basic Income, and Cashless Society: How China’s Social Credit System Is Coming To America”, The Organic Prepper … Continue reading

What Happens When Electricity Goes Dark and/or the Internet Gets Shut Off? Will Society Be Able to Cope?

Editor’s Note: Today’s America is breeding a people that are soft, comfortable and too engaged in technology. They seem to have lost the ability to be “tough” and engaging and think for themselves. They rely on social media way too … Continue reading