Like it or Not, Terrible Global War/s Are Coming. Get Ready!

“WW3 ALERT: Chinese Troops Told To ‘Ready For War’ And Sent To North Korean Border”, SHTFPlan – 1-2-2018 “Iran protest demos spiral into armed clashes, a general strike. At least 21 dead”, SHTFPlan – 1-1-2018 “Iranian forces deploy some tanks … Continue reading

Is the Red Horse of Rev 6 About to Release More Unrest of His Payload?

“Lebanese Army On “Full Combat Readiness” At Southern Border To Counter “Israeli Enemy””, Zerohedge – 11/21/2017 “LEBANON ARMY CHIEF ASKS TROOPS FOR READINESS AT ISRAEL BORDER”, Jerusalem Post – 11/21/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: More War Rumors – We can only … Continue reading

Wars Are on Deck – Are You Ready, Prepared and Saved?

“North Korea Just Threatened The US With Nuclear War”, SHTFPlan – 7/27/2017 BP Commentary: War/s Are Coming – Get Ready! – Lots of talk about wars these days. Why? Because they are here and coming in mass. If you think … Continue reading