Like it or Not, Terrible Global War/s Are Coming. Get Ready!

“WW3 ALERT: Chinese Troops Told To ‘Ready For War’ And Sent To North Korean Border”, SHTFPlan – 1-2-2018 “Iran protest demos spiral into armed clashes, a general strike. At least 21 dead”, SHTFPlan – 1-1-2018 “Iranian forces deploy some tanks … Continue reading

The Sound of Global Wars is Getting Closer. Nations are Being Stirred Up.

“US fighter jets ‘head-butt’ Russian jets in Syria, US official says”, FoxNews – 12/14/2017 “US F-22 was hampering Russian Su-25 jets to provide cover for aid convoy – MoD”, RT – 12/14/2017 “We’re Back: China Resumes Military Buildup in Disputed … Continue reading

Is the Red Horse Riding – Second Seal Broken, Men Killing Men, Peace Being Removed? Is the Great Sword Next?

"VIDEOS: “MASSIVE Explosions” Rock British Concert… Bodies Everywhere… Fatalities Confirmed… “It Was Huge – You Could Feel It In Your Chest”", SHTFPlan – 5/22/2017 "Is The Islamic State Planning To Strike The United States With Chemical Weapons Of Mass Destruction?", … Continue reading