Israel Celebrates 70 Years of National Statehood Pride

“Israel Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary of Independence”, DEBKAfile- 4/18/2018 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Israel,God’s Land – Congratulations to Israel! After becoming a nation in 1948, Israel is still going strong, prosperous and their military unparalleled. This is God’s land and people … Continue reading

Signs: Global Unrest is Heating Up! In Nature and Geopolitics

“Russia calls UK’s ‘hostile’ actions a provocation, vows response”, RT – 3/14/2018 “Moscow: UK’s ‘Hostile’ Actions Against Russia Aimed at Harming Bilateral Ties”, Sputnik – 3/14/2018 “Trade War: Donald Trump vs. the Chinese Economy”, The Trumpet – 3/14/2018 “An enormous … Continue reading