America in Nose Dive of Deception as Lawlessness Abounds, Corruption Multiplies, Lies Proliferate – It’s Here, It’s Happening, It’s Real!

The following article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. His articles are spot on and his relentless research gives us a glimpse of what clearly may happen in the days ahead. I challenge you to … Continue reading

Belgium Suicide Explosions, Many Dead – More Terror, More Evil From the ISIS Scum Bags

"At least 28 killed in terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station", Fox News – 3/22/2016 "At least 28 killed, 130 injured in terrorist attacks on Brussels airport and Metro", DebkaFile – 3/22/2016 "Belgium Closes Border With France, Steps Up … Continue reading

Red Horse Riding: Violence Rising – More Unrest and Peace Being Removed

"Summer of Violence? Radical Groups warning of Mass Protests and Disruptions this Summer", Off Grid Survival – 3/16/2016 "Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’", Breitbart – 3/16/2016 "Brazilians protest after Lula named chief of staff, gains … Continue reading