American Government Completely Out of Control and Lawless

“Congress Exempt, Military Heroes Face Prison“, Liberty Council – 10/16/2021 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Insanity and Lawlessness Lead America Now! Just read the above article and you will see just how insane American politics and government has become. It’s out of … Continue reading

America’s Military: Questionably Ready and Woefully Unprepared

“America’s Expanding Warriors”, The Trumpet – 8/3/2017 “IN OVER THEIR HEADS: U.S. GROUND FORCES ARE DANGEROUSLY UNPREPARED FOR ENEMY DRONES”, War on the Rocks – 5/30/2017 “U.S. Army: 95% of Brigade Combat Teams Unprepared to Fight Immediately”, Breitbart – 2/7/2017 … Continue reading