While Police Cower, Crazed Leftist Lunatics (Driven by Satanic Forces) are Ruling Our Streets, Destroying Our Communities, & Undermining Our Democracy

“‘Disgrace to our country!’ Trump calls for arrests as activists topple & BURN statue of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike in DC (VIDEO) “, RT – 6/20/2020 “It’s Going To Get Very Ugly: Any Civil War Will Not Be ‘Black Versus … Continue reading

Demonic Activity Rising Worldwide: Spiritual Warfare is Here – Are You Ready? Put on the FULL Armor of God

"Do Demons Exist? Watch A Demon-Possessed Model Manifest A Spirit During A Live Television Interview", End of the American Dream – 7/11/2016 "Black Lives Matter: A Movement Built on Lies", Frontpage – 7/12/2016 "Protests Heating Up: Chicago Streets Shutdown, Atlanta … Continue reading