Prophecy Unfolding: An Intensely Growing Culture of Hate, Violence, and Unrest is Taking Hold in America and the World

"Mass Shootings on the Rise", The Trumpet – 3/30/2017 "HATE ON THE RISE AFTER TRUMP’S ELECTION", The New Yorker – 11/17/2016 "Active Shooter Incidents Continue to Rise, New FBI Data Show", ABC News -6/15/2016   Bible Prophecy Commentary: Hate and … Continue reading

Trump’s Not Even President Yet and the Protests, Unrest and Violence Starts. What’s This Mean for the Road Ahead?

"Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US", RT – 11/10/2016 "America on Edge: MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country", Breitbart – 11/9/2016 Bible Prophecy Commentary: An Indication of What's To Come? Some verses to ponder in this time of confusion and … Continue reading

This is What America is Becoming

"Charlotte Riots: Looters Burn and Shutdown Major Highway, Attack Motorists and Police", Off Grid Survival – 9/21/2016   Bible Prophecy Commentary: Violence and Social Unrest Growing in Intensity – We can only seek the wisdom of Scripture to validate and … Continue reading