Global Signs of War are Increasing

"'Hezbollah is preparing for war'", Israel National News – 3/19/2017 "Pyongyang Threatens to Reduce US to ‘Ashes’ If It Conducts Preemptive Strike", Sputnik News – 3/20/2017   Bible Prophecy Commentary: War is Brewing – Jesus said to watch out for wars … Continue reading

Iran, Hezbollah – Do Not Mess with Israel for Almighty God Guards His People and Land. You – He Guards Not!

"Iranian Commander: 100,000 Missiles Poised to Strike Israel From Arab World", Breaking Israel News – 7/4/2016   Bible Prophecy Commentary: Israel Will Not Be Destroyed – They could have a billion missiles or whatever pointed at Israel but let's just … Continue reading

China Joins the Syrian Bombing Alliance Gaggle

"Chinese warplanes to join Russian air strikes in Syria. Russia gains Iraqi air base ", DEBKAfile – 10/2/2015   Bible Prophecy Commentary: China Now Taking a Role in the Middle East – The alliances are coming together subtly but most … Continue reading