Nature is His Billboard – Almighty God is Speaking a Message To Get Right With Him and Repent!

“Major flooding in Midwest, thousands urged to evacuate in the wake of massive late-season storm, U.S., The Watchers – 3/15/2019 “‘Cyclone of historic proportions’ hits U.S., sets barometric pressure records, strands over 1 100 drivers and leaves nearly 200 000 … Continue reading

Storms, Snow, Flooding and Severe Cold – The Lord is Warning Us Through Nature

“Reports: Blizzard-stirred coastal flooding in Boston rivals worst in history”, Accuweather – 1/4/2018 “Bombed! From Boston to Baltimore and beyond blizzard-stirred coastal flooding more frozen sharks airports closed 2ft snow expected in places”, THe Big Wobble – 1/4/2018 “‘Bomb cyclone’ … Continue reading

Last Days Signs: Woes in Nature – They Just Keep on Coming

"New Zealand city of Christchurch in path of massive out of control wildfire: Hundreds of residents to evacuate! flames 20 meters high", The Big Wobble – 2/15/2017 "Heavy Rain Headed for SoCal ", Weather Nation – 2/15/2017 "Severe thunderstorms hit … Continue reading