Repent for the Kingdom of God is Very Near to Those Who Really Believe and Walk With Christ

Bible Commentary: Repent for Real. Do Not Be Deceived. Walk in the Power of Christ –

We are being deceived on almost every front these days. The enemy of our soul – Satan – and his hoards are looking for those he can fool, lie to, trick, steal, kill, maim and destroy – 1 Pet 5:8; John 10:10. DO NOT be tricked! Know his tactics … know how he builds strongholds (fortresses) of doubt, fear, worry, guilt, and shame around those that allow him to do this – 2 Cor 10:3-5.  Watch the following short video on how a brother is being attacked for trying to minister in a huge demonic stronghold called Chicago.

Friends, the hoards of hell are marching on a dormant and lethargic Christian church. People who attend church but don’t take a stand for untruth, unrighteousness, and false Gospel preaching. If you just go to your church listen to the Koolaid-type sermon and walk out unimpacted by what has been preached or what should be preached according to God’s word, then you are like the Church at Ephesus or Sardis described by our Lord in Rev 2-3. 

There are many powerless Christians among us who do and say nothing standing up against evil and wickedness. They, the Devil leaves alone for he’s got you already. But those like the brother in the video clip above are doing something in their faith in the Lord. And they are under attack. But we are to remember that we will suffer persecution as a real Christian and should be joyful about this – Acts 5:40-42.

So what are YOU doing for the Kingdom? What person are you like in the parable of the talents in Matt 25:14-30. Are you and I ready to suffer disgrace and pain for the Cross of the Lord, for His name and for His Gospel? If so, start by reading and knowing your Bible – do not be Biblically illiterate! Then pray! After this know your enemy and how he tries to trick you (remember Eve in Scripture?). Then start to sincerely minister and win souls to the Kingdom of God.

I have much more to say about the deception that is engulfing mankind all over the world today with this COVID thing and the [hidden agendaized] protestors but will save this for another time. Just be ready in the Lord, make your stand in Him and not in this corrupt, degenerate world. Not by might, not by power but by the Spirit of the Lord – Zech 4:6.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” -Eph 6:10-12 (NASB)


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem – Psa 122:6 (KJV)

Coram Deo (living in the presence of Almighty God 24×7)

-BPWatcher, Internet Preacher and Bible Prophecy Watchman


“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many …And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many … For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”  -Matt 24:4,5,11, 24 (KJV)



Chaos is Coming on Strong. Please Prepare For What’s Ahead

Editor’s Note: Events are happening all over the world that spell disaster. Yes, this is negative but one can’t stay in denial any longer. The End of the Age will be marked in turmoil and disaster. But DO NOT let fear rule your life. This is a trick of the Enemy of our souls – the Devil, and he has fooled many into living in absolute fear and worry. DO NOT fear! (2 Tim 1:7). DO NOT let him establish this stronghold or fortress of fear and worry around your heart, mind, or soul.

Fear will immobilize and paralyze your walk in Christ. I know several “Christians” that now, because of this COVID nonsense, are living in unabated fear and worry. Masks will not protect you. The vaccine that is coming IS a prelude to the Mark of the Beast; can you not see the progression of these signs? It’s time for Christians to grow a Rock Solid backbone in courage (Josh 1:9) and boldness and stand up for truth, righteousness and in your faith in Christ. Prepare for what’s ahead  — now … today!!!

“The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it” -Prov 22:3 (ESV)

The following article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.  (Used by permission). See his disclaimer below.

A List Of 50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months

By Michael Snyder in July, 2020

People have been asking me to do an article like this for quite some time.  In all the years that I have been writing, I have never seen so many of my readers so alarmed about our immediate future.  Over and over again, I have been getting emails from people asking for advice about how to prepare for what is ahead, and so many of them are using the word “urgency” to describe what they are feeling.  And I can definitely identify with that, because around the middle of last year that is a word that I started using constantly.  I felt an urgency about 2020 that I had never felt about any other upcoming year, and there were certain things that I knew that I had to get done.  One of those things that I had to get done was my new book, and it is now finished.  The plan is to release it this month, and after reading it there will be no doubt about why I have been feeling such a sense of urgency in recent months.

I want to warn you in advance that the list below is not an exhaustive list.

Instead, it is meant to be a very basic starting guide.  There are many other things that could (and probably should) be added to this list, and I very much encourage readers to leave comments after this article with their own suggestions and recommendations.  We should always be willing to learn from one another, because nobody is an expert on everything.

To me, the four primary priorities for preparing for an emergency scenario are food, water, energy and shelter.  Once you have got those four basic areas covered, you can certainly build on that foundation by addressing other considerations.

In the title of this article I use the phrase “the next 12 months”, but I do not mean to imply that everything will be fine after those 12 months are over.  In fact, I am convinced that our problems are only going to intensify as time rolls along.

And I certainly hope that you will not need everything on this list during the next 12 months.  Hopefully, you will not need to use some of these items for a few years.  But this is definitely a great opportunity to purchase many of these things, because a lot of them are only going to become more expensive and more difficult to acquire the worse conditions get.

In putting this list together, I was envisioning a scenario in which most of you will be sheltering at home rather than “bugging out” to an alternative location.  In a “bugging out” scenario, this list would look quite a bit different.

Also, I didn’t address self-defense in this list, but without a doubt it is very important.  In fact, if you live in or near a major city, it is imperative to have a plan for defending yourself and your family.  For years, I have been encouraging readers to move away from the major cities, but for a lot of people that simply isn’t possible at this moment.  More than 51 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment so far this year, and so a good stable job is an extremely valuable thing to have at this moment.  If your job is keeping you in a potentially dangerous area right now, you will also want to have a plan for “bugging out” to a more remote location if the need arises.

With all of that being said, the following are 50 things that I am encouraging everyone to stock up on in order to prepare for the chaotic times that are coming…

#1 A Generator

#2 A Berkey Water Filter

#3 A Rainwater Collection System If You Do Not Have A Natural Supply Of Water Near Your Home

#4 An Emergency Medical Kit

#5 Rice

#6 Pasta

#7 Canned Soup

#8 Canned Vegetables

#9 Canned Fruit

#10 Canned Chicken

#11 Jars Of Peanut Butter

#12 Salt

#13 Sugar

#14 Powdered Milk

#15 Bags Of Flour

#16 Yeast

#17 Lots Of Extra Coffee (If You Drink It)

#18 Buckets Of Long-Term Storable Food

#19 Extra Vitamins

#20 Lighters Or Matches

#21 Candles

#22 Flashlights Or Lanterns

#23 Plenty Of Wood To Burn

#24 Extra Blankets

#25 Extra Sleeping Bags

#26 A Sun Oven

#27 An Extra Fan If You Live In A Hot Climate

#28 Hand Sanitizer

#29 Toilet Paper

#30 Extra Soap And Shampoo

#31 Extra Toothpaste

#32 Extra Razors

#33 Bottles Of Bleach

#34 A Battery-Powered Radio

#35 Extra Batteries

#36 Solar Chargers

#37 Trash Bags

#38 Tarps

#39 A Pocket Knife

#40 A Hammer

#41 An Axe

#42 A Shovel

#43 Work Gloves

#44 N95 Masks

#45 Seeds For A Garden

#46 Canning Jars

#47 Extra Supplies For Your Pets

#48 An Emergency Supply Of Cash

#49 Bibles For Every Member Of Your Family

#50 A “Bug Out Bag” For Every Member Of Your Family

Are there certain key items that you would add to this list?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

I understand that there are a lot of people out there that are feeling extreme financial stress during this severe economic downturn, and acquiring all of the items on this list may not be possible.

And that is okay.  Our job is to do the very best that we can with what we have, and we shall trust God with the rest.

I know that a lot of people out there don’t like it when I write such “negative” articles.  But I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t warn people about what was coming, and I actually believe that articles like this give people a lot of hope.

There is hope in understanding what is coming, there is hope in getting prepared, and there is hope in connecting with others that are also preparing.


About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep.  My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I have written four books that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters.  (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing those books you help to support my work.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations I can only allow this to happen if this “About the Author” section is included with each article.  In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished.  This article may contain opinions on political matters, but it is not intended to promote the candidacy of any particular political candidate.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial or health decisions.  Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and any way that you can share these articles with others is a great help.


Fear God and Flee from Evil!

-BPWatcher, Internet Preacher and Bible Prophecy Watchman


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem – Psa 122:6 (KJV)


Death Can Come Swiftly and Without Warning – Are You Ready to Stand Before the Lord?

Your Body Goes to the Grave But What About Your Soul … Where Will Your’s Go?


Death – this dark and unseen foe will face us all one day – a most sobering reality! And on that day, we will all face eternity with our destination locked in. For heaven or for hell. Some may disagree but regardless the cold hard fact is, this covert ‘enemy’ death will meet us face-to-face at the door of eternity and this will be inescapable.

Some time ago we saw how fast death can come. An unsuspecting young woman was gunned down just innocently out for a walk in broad daylight on a local pier. She died soon after. Another random shooting occurred to a woman walking with her boyfriend, she died at the scene. Men are shooting men in cold blood with insane, wicked and senseless violence these days (e.g. BLM, Antifa, progressives, Leftists, etc). You and I have to wake up to the fact that one day, it could be that our life has been snuffed out. Wake up!!

Folks, this is the reality of the times we are living – death can come fast and without any notice or warning. Heart attacks, car accidents; kids being shot, and killed playing in the streets or on playgrounds. None of these were in a war, none were expecting to die that day on that hour or that minute but the fact is they did. Death came knocking and to take away. There was no announcing its arrival and to many, there was no time to prepare or make decisions previously unmade or even reverse poor decisions. So the big question is – are you ready for death if something unexpected took your life today? I’m not trying to scare you but I am trying to underline and highlight the real-life reality of this inevitable event.

James 4:14 says that life is but a vapor – we are here today yet can be gone tomorrow. What does this say to you? Are you shaken or stirred in your spirit that eternity is waiting just up ahead undetected and unforeseen? Have you ever thought about it? You know once you pass through the gates of death you cannot come back and do a re-do. You can’t return and live a better life or make a better eternal decision for Christ. Now is the time, today is the day. Many living in this world live only the things in this world and their security and hope are all wrapped up in stuff, friends, or family. No God, no thought of Him nor knowledge of Him. Many people think they will live to an old ripe age and later on, at some point, they will consider thinking about their eternal destination and perhaps think about Christ and what He did for us. And by then, they think, they’ll turn their worldly lifestyles and consider their sin and do something about it.  Not so fast friends, the ‘by then’ timeframe may never come, and ‘by then’ it may be too late. Now is the day and now is the time to do something about it for tomorrow may never come.

“Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth–” -James 4:14 (KJV)

There are professed Christians that sit in church every Sunday that don’t know Almighty God and will not enter His rest. Look at Matt 7:23-25. What does the Lord say on that day to even the people who professed Him as Lord, Lord and performed miracles, “I never knew you, depart from me…” Friends, what does this speak to you? To me, it says that we should do everything we can NOW to KNOW the Lord. And how do we know Him? Sincerely read His word, pray, seek His face, confess our sins, practice repentance, witness to others. These are some of the things we should do daily in living for Him. Do you do these things? What will He say to you once you stand before Him? Remember, your eternal destination is not based on how ‘good’ you may think you are or on your good works. It based solely on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. It’s about faith, hope, and trust.

“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” -Matt 7:21-23 (KJV)

So today, right now wherever you are, whoever you are – wealthy, famous, weak, poor, prideful, ignorant – strongly consider where you are at in your walk with Christ or maybe you are not walking with Him. First, turn off the TV, get away from social networking and withdraw to someplace by yourself where you can get alone with God and pray. Seek Him and pour out your heart to Him. Ask the Lord if you are right in His eyes. He will guide you and He will direct your life but you absolutely must trust in Him and walk by faith not by your sight (2 Cor 5:7). This is a required regimen for every Christian.

Relying on church attendance, pastors, priests, (Popes), and friends in the congregation and family will not ensure you enter Christ’s home – heaven, His rest, eternity with Him.

And those who think that regular church attendance are the means to enter heaven are being deceived big time by your spiritual enemy Satan. Disregard and dispose of this false teaching regardless of who it comes from. Read God’s word, know Him, know His Son, and count on the Holy Spirit to lead you daily through thick and thin. Jeremiah 9:24 puts things into a blunt perspective.

If you had to evaluate your life right now would you say that if you died today you would see the Lord and be ushered into His rest? Are you not sure? If you are not absolutely sure of your eternal destination then it’s time to get on your knees in prayer to the Lord, confessing your sin, professing Jesus Christ as your Lord and that Almighty God raised Him from the dead -Rom 10:9-10. Ask Him into your life to be your Lord and Savior, then live for Him daily not just on Sunday. Repent of your sins … daily. Live a holy life before Him. Witness to others – share Christ with your friends and family and neighbors. This is what being a Christian really means. Are you saved today? For remember …

“For many are called, but few are chosen..” -Matt 22:14 (KJV)

-BPWatcher, Internet Preacher and Bible Prophecy Watchman

The Kingdom of Almighty God is at Hand!