Pull Out From Syria and Iraq a Big Mistake? The Door is Open for the Gog/Magog War to Take Shape

“Syrian Army Advances as Russia, Allies Position for U.S. Pullout”, Bloomberg – 12/28/2018 ““Kremlin Confirms Information on Syrian Army Taking Control of Manbij”, Sputnik – 12/29/2018 ““US withdrawal from Syria throws country in turmoil”, ABC.net.au – 12/27/2018 Bible Prophecy Commentary: … Continue reading

Something’s Fishy About This NKorea-US “Bond” and Deal

“Trump’s North Korean gamble ends with ‘special bond’ with Kim”, CNN Politics – 6/12/2018 “Trump Suspends Joint “War Games” With South Korea, As China Emerges Big Summit Winner”, Zerohedge – 6/12/2018 “Trump, Kim agree on denuclearization, but deal seen symbolic”, … Continue reading