Another Hurricane – Nate – About to Hit the US. Crazy Weather – What’s Going On?

“State Of Emergency Declared Across Southeastern US As Hurricane Nate Looms”, Zerohedge – 10/7/2017 “Hurricane Nate expected to be category 2 upon reaching the Gulf Coast”, UPI – 10/7/2017 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Weather Gone Crazy! You’ve got to admit that … Continue reading

Obama Strikes Israel from Perez Eulogy and Hurricane Matthew Strikes

"Southeastern U.S. States 'On Alert' For Possible Hurricane Matthew Impacts; North Carolina, Florida Governors Declare a State of Emergency", Weather Channel – 10/3/2016 "White House strikes ‘Israel’ from Jerusalem dateline on Obama’s eulogy transcript", The Times of Israel – 10/1/2016 … Continue reading