WARNING: Medical Proof – This “Shot” is More Than You Know!

“Latest Devastating News on the Vaccine “, NCRenegade – 11/24/2021 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Massive Deception Worlwide! Watch the video and please listen to his words. Then do your own research and discover the truth. Seek only the truth – learn … Continue reading

DECEPTION: We Are Being Lied To About This “Thing”! Discern the Truth and Discard the Lies

Dr. Nathan Thompson Tests Patient’s Immune System after Each Jab (Video Source) “University of Michigan Flu Outbreak Signals First Wave of COVID-VAX-INDUCED Immune System Failure; Waves of Deaths Beginning from Vax“, Hal Turner Radio – 11/16/2021 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Deception, … Continue reading

The Deception over this CV Thing is OFF THE CHARTS! We Are Being Lied To – CDC-WHO-MSM – It’s All About Controlling You!

“Tell me Lies Tell me Sweet Little Lies“, Don’t Speak News – 7/31/2021 “BREAKING NEWS: 111,768 Vax “Breakthrough” Cases – CDC Stopped Counting in May!“, HalTurnerRadioShow – 7/30/2021 “VIDEO: FORCED VACCINATION BY POLICE IN AUSTRALIA“, HalTurnerRadioShow – 7/30/2021 “CDC: Vaccinated … Continue reading