America’s Military is Being Systematically and Progressively Weakened and Marginalized. A Flame of Once Was to an Ember of What Now Is

Editor’s Note: So, according to Biden, we are focusing on military flight suits for pregnant women and improving hairstyles for women. Biden’s military takes shape with his most recent comment on the same. “Some of it’s relatively straightforward work where … Continue reading

Global Inflation Will Lead to the -Engineered- Economic Collapse Coming According to Bible Prophecy

Editor’s Note: Get ready friends, this economic collapse trap is coming on very subtly and most people will be caught unawares and devastated. Do your research and find out more about the engineered calamity coming upon the world. Remember, if … Continue reading

New American Leadership is TRASHING America! Cities Are Becoming “Hell-holes” of Wickedness

Editor’s Note: Many American cities and states are becoming “hell holes” of depraved [godless] men and women. However, this is not inclusive of everyone; but many, many are. I can’t believe how we Americans have been deceived by the mask-mandating … Continue reading