Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars? Is God Sending Us a Message On Jan 20-21, 2019?

Editor’s Note: Please pay attention to what the Lord may be telling us about the times in which we live. “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress … Continue reading

Discard the Mundane, Empty, Ritualistic, Social Club Church Worship and Get Right With God Today!

“Come on in Folks, Nothing Required of You Here, Just Watch the Show” There will be many people getting ready to attend church this morning. For some lots of preparation – pretty clothes, hair, etc. For others, just to get there on … Continue reading

America Under God’s Judgment: A Cesspool of Sin Full of Hate and Madness

“Congresswoman Flees From Reporters Asking About “Impeach The Motherfu*ker” Comment”, Godfather Politics – 1/4/2019 “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Americans Taxed at 70% To Pay For Her Green Dreams”, Zerohedge – 1/4/2019 Bible Prophecy Commentary: America – Immersed in a Cesspool of Sin … Continue reading