Islamic State: Convert or Die!

“ISIS to Christians: Convert to Islam, Pay Us, Leave or Die”, The Blaze – 7/19/2014 “Convert, Pay Tax, or Die, Islamic State Warns Christians in Iraq”, Reuters – 7/18/2014 “Islamic State to Christians: Convert to Islam, pay jizya, or die”, … Continue reading

Israel Steps Up Offensive Against Gaza; Lebanon Fires Rockets From North

“Gaza crisis: Death toll from Israeli strikes ‘hits 100′”, BBC – 7/11/2014 “Opinion: World Condemns Israel for Protecting Its People”, CBN News – 7/10/2014 “IDF chief: We’re ready for ground offensive, awaiting cabinet’s orders”, YNet News – 7/11/2014 “Hamas rockets … Continue reading

First Blood Moon 2014: Marks of What’s to Come?

“‘Israel’s looking at the big end game’”, WND – 7/1/2014 “Iraq invaders threaten nuke attack on Israel”, WND – 6/23/2014 “Iraq invaders’ new ‘state’ appeals to young”, WND – 7/1/2014 “What the new caliphate means for world”, WND – 7/1/2014 … Continue reading