Where’s America in the Middle East Dustup? Where’s America’s Strong Hand Against the ISIS Beasts?

"Russia Intensifies Round-the-Clock Airstrikes Against Terrorists in Syria", Sputnik News – 11/19/2015 "Is ISIS Contained? Pelosi: ‘I Have Confidence in the President’s Take’", CNS News – 11/19/2015   Bible Prophecy Commentary: Once Strong America is Now Weak – "Contained" – … Continue reading

Russia Orders US Jets Out of Syrian Airspace – Kerry Says Nope!

"First US-Russian air clash builds up as Moscow orders US planes to exit Syrian air space ", DEBKAfile – 9/30/2015 "Kerry rebuffs Russian demand, says US airstrikes in Syria ‘will continue’", Fox News – 9/30/2015 "Russia begins airstrikes in support … Continue reading

Christians Persecuted and Killed Because They Wouldn’t Give In to Cowardly Islamic Jihadist Beasts (ISIS)

"Vicar of Baghdad Says Christians Are 'Desperate' and 'Petrified' by ISIS, but Worship and Love for Jesus Sustains Persecuted Believers", Christian Post – 6/24/2015   Bible Prophecy Commentary – Christian Persecution: Many people have been slaughtered so far as the … Continue reading