America Steps into Dangerous and Evil Territory … Satanism is Coming After Our Children Now

"Satan’s Knocking on the Schoolhouse Door", Townhall – 8/10/2016   Bible Prophecy Commentary: This is Very, Very Dangerous – "With this in mind, the decision by government officials that “After School Satan” is not an acceptable club for young students … Continue reading

The Great Falling Away – If You Scoffed Before, Scoff No More. This World is Falling Fast to Political Correctness and Darkness

"Kentucky School Scrubs Charlie Brown Christmas of Christianity", TruNews – 12/2015 "“Allah Akbar”– It’s What Public School Kids are Singing for Christmas in Minnesota!", Freedom Outpost – 12/19/2015 "Wheaton Students Demand Reinstatement of Hijab-Wearing Professor Who Declared ‘We All Worship … Continue reading

One Reason Why America is Not Great Anymore – Almighty God Has and Is Being Kicked Out of Our Schools

"Teacher Tells Students to Deny God Is Real or Receive Failing Grade", The Daily Sheeple – 10/27/2015 "The Supreme Court Has Turned Our Schools Into War Zones", AFA – 11/14/2014   Bible Prophecy Commentary: No God = Plenty of Evil … Continue reading