Threats of Nuclear Warfare are Looming Over the World Right Now – N. Korea, Russia, Turkey, Saudi – This is Serious!

"Pyongyang Orders Nuclear Weapons to be Placed on Alert", Sputnik News – 3/4/2016 "US to Stage Massive 'Invasion' War Games Amid New Pyongyang Penalties", Sputnik News – 3/3/2016 "North Korea leader orders military to be ready to use nuclear weapons … Continue reading

Syrian Battlefield: The Players are all there for the Next Major War

"Military Analysis: Saudi Arabia Deploys Combat Aircraft to Turkey", SouthFront – 2/24/2016 "Putin Threatens Turkey & Saudi Arabia with Tactical Nuclear Response to Syrian Ground Invasion", The Free Thought – 2/22/2016 "A "Nervous" NATO Fears Turkey, Russia May Soon Go … Continue reading

Too Many Nations, Too Much Sabre Rattling – Saudi, Turkey, Russia, US, Iran – Something Big Could Be Coming

"BREAKING: SAUDIS SENDING JETS TO TURKISH MILITARY BASE (+video)", Next News Network – 2/13/2016 "Saudi Arabia Is Set To Deploy Jets in Turkey For Strikes in Syria", Southfront – 2/13/2016 "Saudi Arabia to Send Jets to Turkish Base for Air … Continue reading