Pestilences in America – Keep Watch!

“Border Patrol releasing thousands who were exposed to diseases like tuberculosis “, Conservative Review – 4/30/2019 “Infectious Diseases Making the Border Crisis Worse “, Center for Immigration Studies – 3/13/2019 “Border shock: 50% surge in gang members, 650,000 illegal immigrants … Continue reading

Pestilence in America – California – as God is Shunned

“Outbreak Of Flea-Borne Diseases Typhus: Los Angeles Descends Into Third World Hellscape”, SHTFPlan – 2/5/2019 “Bill Blain: ‘What We Saw In San Francisco Was Frightful””, Zerohedge – 2/5/2019 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Pestilence in America – Almost a completely Godless California … Continue reading