What Would You Do if an EMP Attack Occurred? Are You Ready?

"Amerageddon: America Without Electricity", Prophecy News Watch – 8/20/2016 "Reports: U.S. Very Vulnerable To A Mass-Blackout EMP Attack", The Daily Caller – 5/18/2016 "The EMP Threat Is Real and Growing", US News – 10/1/2015 "NORAD Returns to Cheyenne, Warns of … Continue reading

Cyberattacks on Electrical Grid? – Look What They Did in Ukraine. Nations Are Unprepared For This Type of Warfare

"After Ukraine Cyberattacks, FBI And DHS Urge US Power Companies To Develop Better Safety Protocols", International Business Times – 4/21/2016 "Major Cyber Attack On U.S. Power Grid Is Likely", Forbes – 2/7/2016 "Iranians Charged With Cyber Attacks on U.S. Banks, … Continue reading