Experimental CV-19 Vaccine On It’s Way That Will “Re-program” Human Cells – Mark of the Beast Creeping Slowly Up On Mankind

“Bill Gates pushing for 7 billion mandatory experimental RNA injections that re-program human cells to produce coronavirus spike proteins”, Natural News – 7/23/2020 “Gates Pushes Experimental Technology on Seven Billion Humans”, Children’s Health Defense – 7/21/2020 Bible Prophecy Commentary: Mark … Continue reading

Watch Out!!! They Deal in Lies and Deception. This is Nothing but Pure Evil

Natural News – 6/29/2020 “Fake Pandemic Phase 2: They’ve launched an All-Out Attack on Our Country!”, Off Grid Survival – 6/26/2020 “Consent is voluntary, but enforcement will be compulsory. Expect to see this phrase, or some close derivative of it, … Continue reading