Iran’s New President Lulls the West to Sleep…?

“Netanyahu to world: Don’t be fooled by Iran”, Israel Hayom-9/25/2013 “After Syria, US Congress wary of Obama’s Iran thaw”, YNet News -9/25/2013 “Obama launches diplomacy with Tehran after quietly accepting Iran’s current nuclear capabilities”, DebkaFile-9/25/2013 “Washington and Europe rush headlong … Continue reading

A World Wrapped Up in Idolatry

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Which Prophesied ME War Is Next?

Read DebkaFile – “Obama and Putin hold unproductive face-to-face. US pulls non-essential staff from Beirut, SE Turkey”, 9/6/2013, full article  >>> Read Haaretz – “Report: Obama orders Pentagon to expand list of potential Syria targets”, 9/6/2013, full article  >>> Read  … Continue reading