US in a Tail-Spin of Spiritual, Economic and Moral Collapse

“SPIRITUALITY AND SORCERY”, DrugAwareness – 3/2008 – Drugs everywhere in America today – Rev 9:21 “70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs”, WND – 2/9/2014 “The United States of Decline”, National Review Online, – 2/17/2014 “Iowa Democrats Give Thanks to the … Continue reading

Power Maneuvering in the Middle East: Russia, Egypt, Iran

“Putin embraces Egypt in Middle East power grab”, The Times Europe, – 2/14/2014 “Egypt strongman Sisi cast as statesman in Russia visit”, Channel NewsAsia, – 2/14/2014 “Iran proposes joint naval exercise with Russia. Show of strength as interim nuclear deal … Continue reading