NATION AGAINST NATION: Kiev, Ukraine Law and Order Collapse, Several Dead

“Ukraine’s Bloodiest Day as Police, Protesters Clash Leaving 25 Dead; US Urges Restraint”, The Christian Post – 2/19/2014 “Europe and U.S. Threaten Sanctions Over Kiev Bloodshed”, NY Times – 2/19/2014 “Ukraine crisis: Police storm main Kiev ‘Maidan’ protest camp”, BBC … Continue reading

Financial Trouble Ahead: The World Including America

“Another JP Morgan Banker Leaps to His Death”, InfoWars, – 2/18/2014 —>>> “Does The Trail Of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?“, The Economic Collapse – 2/18/2014 <<<— “Bank Of America Warns “The US Dollar Is In Trouble””, Zerohedge, – 2/16/2014 —>>> … Continue reading