WARNING: Severe Spiritual Famine in the Land

We Are Starving But Do We Know It?

Our world has been hit by severe physical famines for some time now and as of 2018 it hasn’t let up. People are starving to death. This isn’t a new concept as it has been ongoing for decades and decades and I’m sure it will go on in the future and get worse as our population grows and food sources dwindle. This is a gross tragedy in and of itself – the loss of human life for lack of food.

But today I’d like to talk of another health calamity that is increasing exponentially across the planet. One that is subtle and silent and by far more deadly than a physical famine. I’m talking of a spiritual famine. One that is intensifying more and more every day.

As a watchman I have been called by Almighty God to sound the alarm of approaching and present danger to any that will listen. In this call I have blown the trumpet many times of the onslaught of physical and spiritual dangers as foretold in Bible Prophecy from the word of God – the Bible. But I suspect few have or for that matter even fewer want to listen. At least this is what I have experienced in my face2face contacts over the years. People shutter at the talk of BP – it’s like a plague and many run away from it (yes, even many leaders in churches). As you read and study scripture you will notice that as the days progress towards the Lord’s return things start to grow progressively dark, more and more negative, people become hateful, their love waxes more and more cold and persecution for Christians rises. This is happening now and will grow worse, far worse, in the days ahead. But today, I’d like to sound the alarm and proclaim an alert that the Lord warned us of many years ago.

“I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” -Luke 18:8 (KJV)

In Luke 18:8, Jesus asked if He would find faith on the earth when He returned. This faith is defined by absolute hope and certainty in Him as your Lord. He was asking if people – Christian – would have real active, trusting, believing faith when He returned. As I see this, faith and faithfulness is in rapid decline. How so you may ask? Well, people are not turning to Christ to help them in their daily walks. People pray less yet expect more. They compromise in Biblical values for their own convenience. This nation – America – is being torn apart by pride, arrogance, idolatry and sexual immorality. These are not indicators of an active living faith in Jesus. These are marks of an evil, wicked, faithless society just like the one He described would come before His return – 2 Tim 3:1-5, 1 Tim 4:1.

Friends, we are becoming so worldly in our thinking, our thoughts, our actions, words and deeds that we have little to no room left for God in our lives anymore. Our faith is decreasing and the enemy of our souls – Satan – is robbing us blind. For his traits of fear, unbelief, doubt, anxiety, worry, distrust, guilt are gaining ground. Hate between one another is also an indicator of our present lack of faith in Christ. 

The Lord also quoted thousands of years ago that there would be a famine in the land not per say a physical famine but a spiritual one of great magnitude. A famine of hearing the words of the Lord – Amos 8:11. 

“Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:” -Amos 8:11 (KJV)

And your next question may be – c’mon, really? A simple question of how many Christians – church goers or those that claim to be Christian (and that’s at least 71% of America), read their Bibles daily? How many of us Christians will bring their Bibles to church and open them? How many will take the time to study the Scriptures? And because the answer to these questions could be no, little, rarely, I don’t know, we are experiencing a heavy spiritual (words of God) famine in America and all over the globe. Just look at the UK and other European nations that have kicked Almighty God out in favor of Islam. Just look at the chaos, death, rape, molestation and other evil and wicked things they have allowed in their gates, through their borders because they are dying of spiritual Christ-knowing starvation. Folks, this is no joke, it is happening right now and America is not exempt. It’s slower here but will increase because people don’t know the Lord and don’t know their Bibles.

Many Christians are spiritually weak and sickly because the disease of Biblical illiteracy is like a Black Plague upon their souls.

Now I know some that will accuse me sharply because I haven’t presented a hopeful and joyous message this morning. I haven’t explained God’s salvation of the depraved state of the human soul affected by the sickness of our current condition. I would answer in this fashion. When you have something wrong with you, you seek a doctor to examine your condition and then ready yourself to hear the truth about what ails you. In the same way if your spiritual condition is sick and in poor health, you take steps to get well and restore your spiritual body.

Today’s message is one that points out the overwhelming sickness of Christians today – the lack of faith and starvation – due to the lack of hearing (listening and understanding) the real and true words of Christ. People including Christians need to know, first, they are sick and second how to get well. 

Today, get into your Bible, seek Christ, hope in Him, put your faith and trust in Him only. If you are not saved – get saved. How? Follow the Lord’s instructions in Romans 10:9-10. Call on His name – confess Him as Lord, believe it, confess your sins and repent then keep on keeping on living a holy life in Christ.

Shalom in Christ

-BPWatcher, Internet Preacher and Bible Prophecy Watchman





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  1. Yes it is true & many have remarked to me about the lack of love between believers & their abhorrence of particularly the prophetic word – we have been shunned by Christians bc of our interest in bible prophecy – we no longer attend any church bc not even salvation is mentioned – let alone prophecy!
    It also happens on Twitter, sadly